Be the Movement

Invited talk by Arno Scharl at a side event of the 2013 UN Climate Change Conference (COP-19), organized by the World Bank’s Connect4Climate initiative. The presentation introduced the Media Watch on Climate Change and outlined the goals and conceptual foundations of DecarboNet to an international audience. Happened in Warsaw, 24/Nov/13.

Successful Project Meeting in London

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Collective Intelligence for the Common Good

The workshop Collective Intelligence for the Common Good features the CATALYST project. It was organised by the The Open University’s in its London campus on September 28-29, 2014, gathering people with complementary experiences and very keen to establish an Open Research and Action Community Network.

Have a look at the participants:

We contributed to the discussions by presenting our experiments on engagement with energy saving.

CAPS Conference 2014

Arno Scharl presented DecarboNet in a Nutshell” during the CAPS 2014 Conference – The 1st International Event on Collective Awareness Platforms for Sustainability and Social Innovation.

The Conference took place in Brussels  in 1-2 July 2014.


Slides are available  at:

1st CAPS Concertation meeting

Happened inBrussels, 3-4 Feb 2014.

Project meeting in Vienna

P2Pvalue workshop

Walter Rafelsberger participates at a workshop in Madrid on open source distributed platforms for peer production and presents the planned collaborative features of the DecarboNet platform.

Kickoff meeting

DecarboNet was officially launched today during the kickoff meeting hosted by the Open University, in Milton Keynes.