D1.2: Social Requirements Specification

Co-creation workshops were designed and organized in Amsterdam, Utrecht and Zurich to to have in-depth insight into the profiles, life-styles, needs, and motivations of the stakeholders with regards to energy awareness.

This report documents this experience.

D2.1: Data Acquisition Infrastructure

Acquiring structured and unstructured data: Although there is a trend towards combining multiple data sources, integrated approaches tapping into multiple structured, unstructured, and social sources at various levels of abstraction are still scarce. DecarboNet addresses this shortcoming and builds upon the Media Watch on Climate Change1 when developing the required methods to contextualise environmental knowledge and track collective awareness in a granular manner.

 See the document here.


D1.1.1: Decarbonisation Methodology v 1.0

A study with people in the workplace to understand how they perceive and react to a suite of interventions towards behaviour change, such as tangible feedback, and social dynamics such as competition and collaboration to raise awareness collectively.

View the report here.