WP1 – Requirements and social innovation strategy
WP2 – Extracting stakeholder knowledge from multiple sources
WP3 – Collective awareness platform development
WP4 – Analysing collective awareness and behaviour patterns
WP5 – Eco feedback and citizen empowerment (use case 1)
WP6 – Large-scale awareness campaigns (use case 2)
WP7 – Dissemination and exploitation

Be the Movement

Invited talk by Arno Scharl at a side event of the 2013 UN Climate…
November 24, 2014/by Michael


ClimaTerm  - GATE based web services.
This DecarboNet term…
October 10, 2014/by Michael

Media Watch on Climate Change

Combines semantic services with advanced visualisations of discussed…
October 10, 2014/by Michael

D6.2.1: Earth Hour Report 2014

This deliverable summarizes the campaign activities of WWF…
October 10, 2014/by Michael

D2.2.1: Text Analytics Tools for Environmental Information Extraction

This document provides a report to accompany the three web…
October 9, 2014/by Michael

D3.2.1: Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing Platform

This document sheds light to the Media Watch on Climate Change…
October 3, 2014/by Michael

Successful Project Meeting in London

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Praesent…
October 2, 2014/by Michael

Collective Intelligence for the Common Good

The workshop Collective Intelligence for the Common Good features…
October 1, 2014/by Michael

D 6.1: Mobilisation and Petition Tool

This document summarizes functionalities, technical key…
September 30, 2014/by Michael

D4.1: Models and Services for Representing User Activities and Context

This deliverable summarises the efforts on developing novel…
September 23, 2014/by Michael

CAPS Conference 2014

Arno Scharl presented "DecarboNet in a Nutshell" during the CAPS…
July 7, 2014/by Michael

D5.1: Engagement Roadmap

Engaging people does not mean only attracting users to a…
June 12, 2014/by Michael

Paper published at WIMS 2014

Weichselbraun, A., Streiff, D. and Scharl, A. (2014). Linked…
June 2, 2014/by Michael

D1.2: Social Requirements Specification

Co-creation workshops were designed and organized in Amsterdam,…
April 9, 2014/by Michael

D2.1: Data Acquisition Infrastructure

Acquiring structured and unstructured data: Although there…
April 9, 2014/by Michael

D1.1.1: Decarbonisation Methodology v 1.0

A study with people in the workplace to understand how they perceive…
April 1, 2014/by Michael

1st CAPS Concertation meeting

Happened inBrussels, 3-4 Feb 2014.
February 3, 2014/by Michael

Project meeting in Vienna

January 27, 2014/by Michael

D7.1: Project Website

This document refers to the website planning.
December 29, 2013/by Michael

P2Pvalue workshop

Walter Rafelsberger participates at a workshop in Madrid on…
December 9, 2013/by Michael

Kickoff meeting

DecarboNet was officially launched today during the kickoff meeting…
October 9, 2013/by Michael
WP8 – Project management